At this point, any rare spectacle or flashes in the sky are looked up as signs of UFO. Many people are even anticipating if aliens will pass us a visit in the year 2020. But this lighting up in US skies on Wednesday morning was a meteor. When we usually see meteor showers, the meteors appear like tiny lights passing through the sky, more like a shooting star. But residents in Pennsylvania, Ohio and about 15 other states saw a big bright fireball in the early morning sky on Wednesday. Soon enough people took to Twitter to ask if anybody else saw the big bright light up in the sky. Reports of fireball like object came in a truck driver even managed to capture the exact moment, it lit up so bright! Pictures and videos of this rare meteor spectacle is going viral on social media. UFO in New Jersey? Viral Videos of 'Flying Saucer' Turn Out to be a Goodyear Blimp!

The meteor was so bright that as many as 15 states reported watching the brightening up of the sky early morning on September 30, Wednesday. The American Meteor Society said it received more than 700 reports about the burst of light. Robert Lunsford, from the organisation said the fireball was most likely a random meteor and not associated with any known meteor shower. He also said that the object was a bit larger in size because of which it created a light so bright. A truck driving along in Pennsylvania was able to capture video of the flash from their dashcam and it looks amazing! It was a rare phenomenon and some have managed to capture pics as well.

Here's The Video of Bright Fireball Lighting Up:

Here's a Compilation of The Fireball Sightings:

Check Pics of The Meteor:


It sure looks incredible right! It is said that the more the light, the more rare the meteor. This reminds up of another similar video of a meteorite explosion that went viral in July this year. Musician Amber Coffman got incredibly lucky when she saw this meteorite flying across like a fireball in New Mexico and captured it as well.

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