Looking through the night sky for some shooting stars may not always show you a lovely spectacle of stars falling right in front of you. But musician Amber Coffman got incredibly lucky when she saw a meteorite flying across like a fireball in New Mexico. She also managed to capture this once in a lifetime scene on video and shared it on Twitter. Needless to say, the video is going crazy viral and people are amazed. Not to miss out on the bunch of people who had their funny takes to it, given the year of 2020 is being so unpredictable at the moment. Double Meteor Showers to Light Up As Comet NEOWISE Fades Next Week: Know Everything About the Stunning Display of Delta Aquariids and Alpha Capricornids Meteor Shower.

Amber Coffman was in Taos, New Mexico and spotted the bright light moving across the sky. The light gets brighter as it moves ahead, looking like an illuminated fireball. This is a bolide type of meteorite that explodes in the atmosphere. Coffman rightly captioned the video, "one of the craziest things we have ever seen in our lives." She called the feeling, "Absolutely stunned amazement! Elation! I feel high." Lyrid Meteor Shower 2020 Pics and Videos: Netizens Share Beautiful Photos of Shooting Stars Captured During the Annual Meteors' Shower of April.

Check The Video of Meteorite Here:

Isn't it incredible? The way it moves across and then disappears as it disintegrates in the atmosphere. In a span of about three days, it has crossed over 3 million views! Check some of the reactions on this video.

This is Rare

So Cool

Not Surprised in 2020!

Wish it Was Thor

Oh, The Possibilities

Please be Superman!

A lot of people also commented about spotting something similar in the night sky, probably the same meteorite but were unsure what it was. At the moment, there are two meteor showers active in the night skies so it is common to have these sightings.

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