A lot of people are keenly interested into the existence of alien life. Videos of supposed UFOs often cater to such interests. Also, with the most recent update of possible life on the planet of Venus, the talks about discovery of aliens are once again fueling. Amid this, several people in New Jersey reported on seeing an alien spaceship. Video of a supposed "UFO" something that looked like a flying saucer were shared online and went viral as people wondered what it could be. But to everyone's respite, 2020 has not got aliens yet! The object in the video was a blimp by Goodyear. Ivan Vagner, Russian Cosmonaut, Spots 5 UFOs Over Earth's Southern Hemisphere (Watch Video).

On September 15, several people from New Jersey took to social media sites including TikTok to share videos of an unidentified object. With all that is happening around the world this year, people did think of a possibility of aliens showing up and the videos started going viral. But it was just a promotional blimp by Goodyear. The company spokesperson even confirmed it to The Insider about them flying the blimp. It was flown to capture aerial footage of the NFL game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the New York Giants at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

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Cannot Believe!

People Capturing the Same UFO!

But it was just a blimp and we wonder everyone who posted the videos out of panic would be feeling right now. It is not uncommon to mistake any kind of weird lighting for an UFO. Something similar happened last month in Sydney when people spotted bright lights in broad daylight and confused them for UFO. It was later discovered to be the sighting was Elon Musk's recent Starlink satellite constellation launch by SpaceX. So as of now, there are no aliens for 2020!

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