No, it is not a story straight from a XXX porn set, BUT it is a real event with a grim end. According to a disciplinary hearing that resulted in the nurse's dismissal from the field, the nurse had sex with a dialysis patient in his car before failing to seek help when he passed away from a heart attack. After he passed out in the back of his car with his "trousers down," Penelope Williams, 42, was discovered with a long-term patient, according to media reports. She first claimed to police in Wales that she only got to know the unnamed man because he messaged her to let her know he was feeling under the weather.

Williams, who had another boyfriend, "denied any sexual relationship" with the now-deceased guy in a formal meeting with her managers, claiming that they had only "sat in the back of his car for about 30 to 45 minutes" during that time while "just talking." "She further explained that [the patient] started groaning and suddenly died," according to a hearing of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). Indonesian Gay Nurse Under Investigation for Having Sex With COVID-19 Patient in Hospital Toilet, Leaving PPE Dispersed on Floor.

The nurse eventually acknowledged that they had been having an affair for a year while he was receiving regular treatment, and they had met that evening for sex. The NMC apologised to the hospital on Wednesday after first claiming that the frolic occurred in a hospital parking lot when, in fact, it took place in a separate Wrexham parking lot.

WalesOnline also noted that Williams dialled a colleague rather than the emergency number after her lover collapsed. Williams was “crying and distressed and asking for help as she tried to explain that someone had died” however, despite her friend pleading with her, she refused to use 999, the UK emergency number, as per report by New York Post. Instead, she waited for the colleague, who, according to the reports—which did not specify how long it probably took him to get help—finally called for an ambulance when she arrived.

Once there, the friend began her own futile attempts to save Williams' half-naked secret lover. According to the cause of death report, the patient suffered from “heart failure and chronic kidney disease triggered by a medical episode.” Williams has been "struck off" by the NMC, which means she is no longer eligible to practise as a nurse for having "brought the nursing profession into disrepute."

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