TikTok Teens Are Shaving Off Their Eyebrows for ‘Fox Eye Challenge’ to Look Like Kendall Jenner (Watch Viral Videos)
Fox Eye Challenge (Photo Credits: TikTok Video Screengrab)

Don’t ask why TikTik world is getting weirder, day by day! Now they are participating in ‘Fox Eye Challenge.’ We are all aware of TikTokers obsession to beauty trends, but it has gone a level higher. In the Fox Eye Challenge, teenagers are shaving off their eyebrows and models like Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid seem to be the templates for it. What a time to be alive! Shaving off the outer half of their eyebrows gives it a more lifted look. Videos have gone viral insanely with young girls participating in the challenge, by literally shaving off the edges of their brows. Although some took the help of makeup, others went on for a more natural approach by also tightly tying back strands of their hair. Purple Shampoo Challenge Goes Viral on TikTok, Watch Videos of Girls Emptying Shampoo Bottles on Their Hair For Latest Beauty Trend. 

Fox Eye challenge look was inspired by Kendall Jenner, who is known for her distinctive eyebrows. Most of the teenagers have overlooked the fact that models like Jenner and Hadid have a team of makeup and beauty experts on call. They attempted to recreate this distinctive look themselves by shaving their eyebrows and sharing the results on social media. But the challenge has not gone well for many participants. Check out how the Fox Eye challenge has crazed the teenagers. Nose Hair Extensions Is the New Beauty Trend & Women Are Slaying the Look on Instagram. 

Fox Eye Challenge!

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Did She Just?!

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Why God, Whyyy???

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I Can't Even!

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Use Makeup!

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It's Practical!

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Those who failed in Fox Eye, it is a lesson learned for next time. You can use the right makeup for the look. All you need is an excellent concealer to give you the perfectly lifted eyebrows. As we said, this is not the first time when beauty-obsessed TikTokers have crossed their limits to look like celebrities. Remember, when people were glueing their upper lips to make them look fuller? We wonder if there is anyone on TikTok who shaved eyebrows and also glued the upper lips!