A music teacher made a bagpipe with trash bag and pipe while during self-quarantine and shared the video online. Seems people are putting their quarantine period to good use. Watch the video here.  

A BBC sports presenter Andrew Cotter took to Twitter to share a video of his two pet dogs engaging in a meal-time contest. Cotter is heard saying, "It's fitting that it should come down to these two. Olive in her familiar black, five-times the champion, Mabel a rising star, winner last year. You can see how excited they are, but also feel the tension".Watch the Video Below:

New Zealand cricketer Kane Williamson shared a video on Instagram where he is seen playing with his pet making netizens smile. The dog's slip catch is what surprised netizensWatch The Video Below:
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Sandy in the slips! 😀 Any other dogs out there joining Sandy? #caninecordon #daytwoisolation

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An emotional video of a doctor returning home and stopping his son from hugging him has and breaking down gone viral on social media platforms. The heartbreaking video has left social media users teary-eyed.Watch The Video Below:

People are spending their quarantine period pursuing their hobbies. From painting, dancing, arts and craft, Twitterati are passing time doing interesting things.Check out The Tweets Below:

That's Brilliant, Right?

Twitterati is obsessed with Google 3D animals feature. As people are confined to their homes with children and other family members, social media users have found an interesting way to pass their time. This feature lets wild animals and birds like the giant panda, lion, tiger, cheetah, penguins and many creatures stand next to you, as if they were real. Know more about Google 3D animals feature here.Check Out The Tweets Below:

So, Majestic, It Looks!

People have taken to social media platforms sharing inspirational thoughts and motivational quotes as Coronavirus quarantine continues in most countries. Twitterati is posting tweets with the hashtags #SaturdayThoughts and #SaturdayMotivation.Check out The Tweets Below:

Quarantine With a View!

It's finally weekend and people seem to be in a relaxed mood. As most people around the world are in quarantine, people are working from homes and come Saturday, they get more time to spend with their family. People have taken to social media platforms with the hashtags #SaturdayMotivation and #SaturdayThoughts. And as the day progresses we promise to keep you updated with everything happening on the platform. Stay tuned with this blog to known about trends related to COVID-19.

March 28 marks various festivals and events across the world. It also marks various the birthday of various popular figures and celebrities including Lady Gaga, Akshaye Khanna, Sandhya Mridul, Anu Emmanuel, Vince Vaughn, Julia Stiles, Nick Frost and Brett Ratner. March 28 will also be observed as Earth Hour Day across countries this year. To participate in Earth Hour, people have to switch off their non-essential electrical appliances from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM. The observance is to create awareness on decrease environmental pollution and reduce the stress on the planet, thus contributing to a greener planet.

In the age and time of social media, everything has the possibility to go viral. With countries facing tough times, there is a barrage of information which is also being shared online. It is important to note that fake news also gets shared on a large scale and a responsible social media user, one should avoid the spread of such news. One must confirm the authenticity of the news and only share it. We wish you a Happy weekend and hope you stay healthy and safe!