February 14th is almost here and funny memes and jokes have taken over social media. Valentine's day is extremely special, well at least for the love birds. For the singles, however, it is yet another day of cursing and stoning the couples they see on the streets. LOL. Jokes aside, hilarious posts have taken over Twitter and Instagram, mostly because people cannot wrap their heads around how soon 2020 vanished and we are already nearing Valentine's day. 5 Reasons Why You Are Depressed on the Day of Love and It’s NOT Your Fault!

The day of love may not be the same this time as some cases of coronavirus still remain, however, social media is all about it.  People are already looking for dates for that day and the ones who already have their SOS have started preparing for that day. During this time in terms of memes, it is either all the mushy posts that take over social media or straight up Bajrang dal memes. There is no in-between. You might want to check out funny memes and jokes about Valentine's day that is going viral on social media. Here they are:


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Yes Please!

Boo, Same!

Imma Cry!

Alright Then!

Well, a socially distanced Valentine's day seems like a good keeping in mind COVID-19 as well as your introvert personality. But jokes aside, you must remember that we haven't yet completely gotten rid of the virus so you must avoid any kind of massive gettogether that may involve travellers from different parts of the world special.

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