'What Colour Is a Tennis Ball?' Among Top Questions on the Rules of Tennis in the UK During Wimbledon 2018
Tennis Ball (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

The colour of tennis balls had caught up in trend with social media users earlier this year. Netizens could not decide whether it was green or yellow. While some voted for the former, many gave a thumbs up for the later. And now the ongoing Wimbledon tennis tournament, GoogleTrends has released a list of top questions and other insights on the game. One of among the top five questions around tennis was, "What colour is a tennis ball?"

The tweet reads, "'What colour is a tennis ball?' is one of the all-time top questions on the rules of tennis in the UK." In March when the internet was divided over the colour of tennis balls, someone asked famous tennis player Roger Federer for his opinion. And he picked a shade, maybe settling the debate once and for all.

Check out the tweet below:

Federer was in Chicago when a fan asked him, "Hey Roger, are tennis balls green or yellow?" He replied by saying, "They are yellow, right?" Laughingly the man says, "I think they are green, my son thinks they are yellow." Federer then smilingly insists on saying, "They are yellow."

With the talk gaining more substantial grounds, American YouTuber put up a Twitter poll saying, "Please help resolve a marital dispute. You would describe the colour of a tennis ball as." The options included green, yellow and others. The result was a fight between green and yellow with the former leading.