The Indian Army released a few pictures of giant footprints that were captured close to Makalu Base Camp in Nepal. But it is the mention of mythical creature Yeti that spun curiosity among everyone on social media. The pictures of Yeti footprints were shared enough with everyone talking about the monstrous mythical character of Yeti from Nepal folklore. And while many speculated into the details about these pictures and if the reference of Yeti was correct, there were some who brought in humour here as well. So these 'mysterious footprints' got a dose of jokes and funny comments from some users. Who is Yeti? Know Myths and Legends About The Abominable Snowman and Does it Really Exist?

Yeti is an ape-like creature, much taller than humans and said to inhabit in the higher regions of snowy mountains of the Himalayas, Siberia, East and Central Asia. But however, there has been no documented proof of sighting the Yeti. So when the pictures of big footprints were shared on Twitter, it got the social media buzzing. People got in references from Tintin cartoon, to making jokes about Yeti coming out just to vote. The picture also saw just one footprint, so it also got a few funny reactions of the Twitterati. Check how some of the people reacted to the Yeti footprint pictures. Yeti Sighting in India: From Smallfoot to Ajooba Kudrat Ka, Here Are 5 Films That Revolved Around the Mythical Creature.

Funny Reactions on Yeti Footprints Picture Released by Indian Army:

Reminiscing the Tintin Days 

Yeti Nahi Ashwathama

Was Yeti one-legged?

No, he was playing!

Or was it a Pogo Stick?

Yeti Just Came to Vote! 

A delight that followed

So a lot of people had a funny take on these pictures and we only appreciate the humour. Another user asked the army to find Godzilla too. The findings, however, have been to a scientific team for evaluation and the truth about these pictures should be out soon. Do you believe in the existence of Yeti?

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