153/5 (20.0 ov)HK
IRE 155/2 (17.2 ov)
CRR: 8.94 | Ireland beat Hong Kong by 8 wickets

IRE beat HK by 8 wickets | Hong Kong vs Ireland, Highlights And Cricket Score 2nd T20 Match

ICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier, 2019

Date: Oct 18, 2019 Start Time: 15:40 IST | 10:10 GMT | 14:10 Local
Venue: Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

Hong Kong vs Ireland Highlights And Cricket Score 2nd Match - T20 Summary

End of Over : 17.2 IRE: 155/2

So that is it from this game! However, we still have one more game coming up which should be an absolute cracker. It is Oman taking on United Arab Emirates. That game begins at 1930 local (1530 GMT). Till then, take care and goodbye!

Gary Wilson, the Ireland skipper feels they did not play their best cricket. Further adds he felt 160 was a par score on this wicket but the chase was a clinical one. States Andy Balbirnie has been doing it for a long time now and he played another excellent knock here. Reckons he is not the ideal T20 player but is a clever batter. Also says Rankin too was brilliant with the ball. Ends by saying they are looking forward to their next game and they want to take it one game at a time and want to give their best.

Aizaz Khan, the Hong Kong skipper, says he feels they were around 15-20 runs short and they lost their way towards the end with the bat. States Kinchit was really good and he has been in the runs lately. Admits they were not able to execute their plans with the ball and they can do a lot better. Mentions they need to assess their plans and come back stronger in the next game. Ends by saying that there is still a long way to go and they need to work harder.

Paul Stirling is down for an interview. Says it is a nice feeling to get the first win and points on the board. States it is important to get off to a good start and says that it helped him. Also informs that it is a very good track to bat on. On being asked about the run out, he says that normally Kevin O'Brien gets in on those kinds of situations he will be much more careful about it.

Earlier in the day, Kinchit Shah was the only batsman for Hong Kong to show some fight as he received no support from the others. The Irish bowlers were up to the mark today, especially Rankin and Adair, who were the pick of the bowlers.

The Hong Kong bowling wasn't that great, to say the least! Yes, the total they were defending was under par but their bowling too was ordinary. They were guilty of bowling too short and wide and with that kind of bowling, something around 150 is impossible to defend.

Ireland have chased this with absolute ease! Right from the start of the second innings, the Hong Kong players knew they were at least 20 runs short but looking at this dominating win, those extra 20 runs wouldn't have mattered. The Irish did not get off to the best of starts as they lost Kevin O'Brien in the first over itself. Andy Balbirnie and Paul Stirling then took Ireland to the brink of victory with an 86-run stand. The opener scored a quickfire half ton to completely corner Hong Kong. Post the fall of his wicket, Balbirnie got good support from Harry Tector and together they took the Irish team over the line with another 50-plus stand.

17.2 4

Waqas Barkat to Andy Balbirnie. FOUR! AND THAT WILL BE THE WIN FOR IRELAND! Floated delivery outside off, Balbirnie lofts this over the cover region, beats the fielder at long off to his left and the ball goes into the fence. IRELAND WIN BY 8 WICKETS (16 balls remaining)!

17.1 1

Waqas Barkat to Harry Tector. Floated on off, swept away towards square leg for one.

End of Over : 17 12 Runs 17.2: 150/2
16.6 4

Kyle Christie to Andy Balbirnie. EDGED AND FOUR! Length ball outside off by Christie, Balbirnie looks to push at it but the ball goes fine off the outside edge and it races towards the third man fence.

16.5 1

Kyle Christie to Harry Tector. On the pads of Tector, he flicks this one towards the leg side for one. 50-run stand comes up! Almost there, Ireland.

16.4 0

Kyle Christie to Harry Tector. A low full toss on middle, it's hit right back to the bowler who makes a half-stop in his followthrough.

16.3 4

Kyle Christie to Harry Tector. DROPPED AND FOUR! That has literally gone through the hands of Haroon Arshad! Christie bowls this one short of a length outside off, Tector tries to slog it into the crowd over long on but does not get the desired timing on it. The ball goes to Arshad at long on but it goes straight through his hands and one bounce into the fence behind him.

16.2 2

Kyle Christie to Harry Tector. Tector pulls this one off the inner half of his bat towards mid-wicket for a couple.

16.1 1

Kyle Christie to Andy Balbirnie. Length ball outside off, cut towards deep point for a single.

End of Over : 16 7 Runs 17.2: 138/2
15.6 2

Aizaz Khan to Harry Tector. Length ball on middle and off, Tector looks to push at it but the ball goes off the leading edge towards the third man region for a couple. Ireland need 16 off 24 balls.

15.5 1

Aizaz Khan to Andy Balbirnie. Length ball outside off, guided towards the third man region for a single.

15.4 0

Aizaz Khan to Andy Balbirnie. Outside off, pushed towards point.

15.3 2

Aizaz Khan to Andy Balbirnie. This time Balbirnie flicks it wide of the diving mid-wicket fielder for a couple.

15.2 1

Aizaz Khan to Harry Tector. On the pads, Tector flicks it towards mid-wicket for one.

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ICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2019 - News

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