154/5 (20.0 ov)UAE
CAN 140/5 (20.0 ov)
CRR: 7 | United Arab Emirates beat Canada by 14 runs

United Arab Emirates beat CAN by 14 runs | UAE vs Canada, Highlights And Cricket Score 42th T20 Match

ICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier, 2019

Date: Oct 27, 2019 Start Time: 21:00 IST | 15:30 GMT | 19:30 Local
Venue: Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi

UAE vs Canada Highlights And Cricket Score 42th Match - T20 Summary

End of Over : 20.0 CAN: 140/5

Now then, End of the group stage and we move to the business end of the tournament. From this group, Ireland, Oman, UAE and Hong Kong have qualified for the playoffs. From the other group, Papua New Guinea, Netherlands, Namibia, and Scotland have made it to the play offs. As long as the group toppers are concerned, the result in the playoffs would not matter as they get a direct entry in the T20 World Cup in Australia in 2020. Others, well, they will have to fight it out to book their flights to Australia. Which teams will they be? We will have the answers when the playoffs begin. In the first playoff, the hosts, UAE will take on Netherlands on 29th October 2019 at 1410 local (1010 GMT). We will love to have your company for that game. Till then, take care.

UAE skipper, Ahmed Raza starts by saying that after loosing two quick wickets, Usman and Rameez batted superbly. On Usman's batting, Ahmed says that a big knock from the batter was due and is happy that Usman did that in this game. Feels that Usman is a gun batter who can play in any league around the world. The UAE skipper further tells that the side will take a day off, go to Dubai and then start preparing for the playoffs. Says that he is a very proud of the entire side and thanks the board for trusting the entire squad. Finishes off by thanking the crowd.

Canadian skipper, Navneet Dhaliwal is in for a chat. On the game, Dhaliwal says that they started well with the ball but they could not finish well in the end. Adds that the dropped chance hurt his side. Credits Usman for finishing well in the ends. Believes that the bowlers could not execute the yorkers well. Says that they wanted to get in the second round but rues that the poor bowling outing in the end means they are out of the tournament.

For his brilliant batting performance Mohammad Usman has been named the Man of the Match. On the early wickets, Usman says that they tried to see off the initial overs and decided to go hard in the final five overs. He thanks the supporters for turning out in large numbers.

UAE bowlers were excellent throughout the innings. Waheed Ahmed was the chief wrecker for them as he picked up three wickets in his four overs. Zahoor Khan along with Rohan Mustafa was excellent in the death and did not offer freebies to the Canadian batters. They held on their nerves and managed to pull off the win and send Canada packing. Stay tuned for the presentation.

Tournament over for Canada then. It was a knock out scenario for them and they have failed on this front. They started the run chase on a positive note with the first wicket adding 29 runs inside 4 overs. After the departure of Wijeyeratne, skipper Dhaliwal added another important stand with Nitish Kumar. However, once Dhaliwal departed, Canada could never catch up with the required run rate and eventually fell short by 14 runs.

19.6 0

Zahoor Khan to Dillon Heyliger. Full outside off, Heyliger hammers it but finds the point fielder. UAE WINS BY 14 RUNS AND KNOCK CANADA OUT OF THE TOURNAMENT.

19.5 1

Zahoor Khan to Nicholas Kirton. Another yorker outside off, Kirton can only manage to dig it out towards point for a run.

19.4 1

Zahoor Khan to Dillon Heyliger. Yorker this time. Heyliger digs it out towards cover, just a single.

19.3 0

Zahoor Khan to Dillon Heyliger. Another one! What a spell this has been from Zahoor. Excellent bowling. All the hard work done in the nets is been put on the display by Zahoor. Another slower bouncer around off, Heyliger looks to pull but he is way too early in the shot. Misses.

19.2 2

Zahoor Khan to Dillon Heyliger. Slower bouncer! Zahoor has bowled these throughout the spell and to his good effect. Heyliger is going hard, all he can manage is a top edge towards fine leg.

19.1 1

Zahoor Khan to Nicholas Kirton. Fuller and on middle, flicked towards mid on for a single by Kirton.

End of Over : 19 8 Runs 20.0: 135/5
18.6 4

Rohan Mustafa to Dillon Heyliger. FOUR BYES! Rohan fires another quicker ball outside off, Heyliger looks to cut it away but misses. The keeper misses too and the ball races to the third man fence.

18.5 1

Rohan Mustafa to Nicholas Kirton. Shortish length around off, punched towards mid on for a single.

18.4 1

Rohan Mustafa to Dillon Heyliger. Full ball outside off, Dillon looks to heave but the ball goes over cover-point for a single off the outer half of the bat.

18.3 1

Rohan Mustafa to Nicholas Kirton. Full ball around off, pushed towards long on for a single.

18.2 W

Rohan Mustafa to Ravinderpal Singh. OUT! Straight in the hands of the deep mid-wicket fielder off a nothing ball. Full toss on middle, Ravinderpal connects his flick superbly but straight in the hands of the substitute fielder, Farid.

18.1 1

Rohan Mustafa to Nicholas Kirton. Mustafa fires the ball outside off, Kirton throws his willow at it. He can only manage a bottom edge as the ball goes towards short third man.

ICC Men's T20 World Cup Qualifier 2019 - News

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