Japanese Sumo Wrestler Takayasu Akira Signs Autograph With His Palm in a Bizarre Fashion: Watch Viral Videos
File Image | Japanese Sumo Wrestler Takayasu Akira | (Photo Credits: Twitter @SumoKyoKai)

Fans, across the globe, yearn to get an autograph from their favourite sports star, celebrity, or any other eminent personality. An autograph from any of those personalities for a fan, is a treasure for a lifetime! Well, talking about autographs, you might have seen a lot of sportspersons signing autographs for the fans. However, have you ever seen a sumo wrestler signing an autograph?

A short video has gone viral on the social media, where a sumo wrestler – Takayasu Akira – is seen ‘signing autographs’. The manner in which he is signing is what will amaze you. To tell you anything about it, would be an understatement.

Watch Video: Takayasu Akira Signs Autograph in a Bizarre Fashion

Well, if the above video wasn’t enough amazing, there’s another one.

Here’s another exhibit of the same style of signing autographs: Watch Video

Talking about the Japanese Sumo Wrestling, there are a lot of videos that have gone viral in the past. However, this video where a sumo wrestler is signing, not with a pen, pencil or a marker, but with his bare palm, is something you wouldn’t have seen it before! Well, let us know in the comments section below as to what you think about the video.