Can turtles fly? Probably in fantasy movies or cartoons, or unless you are in Savannah, Georgia. While we read of animals reclaiming the world, are they also creepily evolving? A bizarre incident took place in Georgia with Latonya Lark when she driving down the Savanna freeway with her brother, Kevin Grant. At a point, she saw something rushing towards her window, but didn't expect it to be a turtle! The shelled creature smashed into her car's windshield, breaking through the glass and got stuck in there. Although they helped the turtle out and took it to Savannah Animal Care, it could not survive after experiencing a severe blood loss. Meanwhile, Grant also suffered from minor injuries because of the broken glass pieces. Lark shared the pictures and a video of the freak accident and people could not help but wonder, how a turtle ended up there! Jackfruit Falls on Man's Head in Kerala Causing Freak Injury, Hospital Finds Him Positive For COVID-19.

The incident took place a little over a week ago when Latonya Lark and her brother were out to do some errands. Her brother was sitting in the passenger seat. While driving she realised in a split second that there's something heading her way. She slowed down and a turtle crashed through the windshield at the passenger seat. Lark was freaked out, as her brother started bleeding. The windscreen was badly damaged and the car had to be towed. Dubai-Abu Dhabi Road Accident Video: 44 Vehicles Crash in Freak Accident Leaving 22 Injured.

Check Pics and Video of Turtle Crashing Into Car's Windshield:

The comments on her post are flooded with how crazy the accident seems. One person wrote, "Glad you took pictures otherwise no one would believe you. So glad you two are okay." Another called it "terrifying." Well, from the pictures it does look scary! Talking about the incident Lark was quoted to CNN, "I told my brother, 'Oh my God there's a brick flying across the highway.' No sooner than I said that, it impacted my vehicle. It scared me so bad, it sounded like a bomb went off and glass went all over my brother."

The turtle was taken to animal care but it lost its leg. When Lark called to check up on it again, she was informed that it passed away. The siblings suspect, that the poor creature could have been struck by some vehicle on the other side, which made it soar in air with impact. People on Facebook commented it could be dropped by a bird of prey. We have heard of many bizarre accidents, but one with turtle crashing through the glass window, that's a rare!

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