Feeling Sleepy at Work? This Air Conditioner Will Blast Sleepy Employees With Cold Air
Sleeping at work (Photo credits: Facebook/Mattress Tomorrow)

Feeling sleepy at your workplace is something that we all must have faced at some point or the other, especially after a good lunch. Now to deal with the sleepy heads in office, an AI-based air conditioner is being made in Japan. Japanese manufacturer Daikin Industries is making an AC that will blast the employees with cold air on detecting the employees are sleeping. Based on a research, it was found that reducing a room temperature will work more effectively to stimulate employees to work.

This hi-tech air conditioning system will be enabled with Artificial Intelligence. Daikin Industries plans to collaborate with technology firm NEC Corp in order to make these machines. It could take another two years in developing them. Not sure if the sudden cool air in the room, will rouse the employees or only make them feel all the more drowsy. Power Nap Improves Decision Making! 6 Other Health Benefits of Napping You Should Know About. 

According to a participant Yurino Kan of the related study, "I have tried coffee, a quick workout and short chats when I get drowsy after lunch, but the [Daikin] system was much better than all of that." Although critics have another way and say there are much better ways to encourage employees other than giving a blast of cold air. But the company believes there will be a market for this product. A lot of technology is getting AI-enabled so expecting an air conditioning system to detect some effects of the air on the employees. 5 Easy-Peasy Tips for Every Millennial to Avoid Oversleeping and Get to Work on Time. 

Daikin has also carried out research to study how temperatures in the workplace might affect employees differently. The company also aims at developing luxurious air! We are developing air that makes food taste better, starting with wine,' Sanae Kagawa, a Daikin engineer was quoted to the Journal. In fact, men and women too, have different effects of temperature in a room. Well, what do you think about the research and the idea? Do you think cooling temperatures will help in making productive employees?