Power Nap Improves Decision Making! 6 Other Health Benefits of Napping You Should Know About
Power Nap Improves Decision Making! 7 Other Health Benefits of Napping You Should Know About. (Photo Credit:Pixabay)

Sleep-deprivation has been tied to a lot of health issues both mental and physical. The scary flipside of not having enough sleep has been claimed to be causing depression, heart health issues, stress, etc. However, for the people who are not able to get a full 6-8 hours sleep are recommended to have naps. Short naps have been known to have amazing health benefits and can help mend the damages done by an absolute lack of sleep. A few research believes that napping may at least help improve some of the symptoms of being tired and a Journal of Sleep Research says, 'a well-timed nap could prevent the decision-making mind from getting led astray by subconscious influences.' The reports suggest that the effects of a 90-minute nap may have positive effects on the ability of people to sort through the subconscious factors that influence their decisions. Benefits of Sleeping Naked: 6 Reasons Why You Should Sleep In The Buff.

Napping has always been deemed to be a healthy habit when taken timely. Here are a few health benefits associated with napping that will make you reschedule your routine and incorporate some time for a crisp nap.

  1. Make you happier- It is claimed that naps help you lift your spirit and freshen your mind. The relaxation gives your mind a lift and boosts your mood. Even if you are unable to sleep just a short relaxation period can help make you happy.
  2. Makes you More Alert- Short naps can make you concentrate better and also help you get rid of the post-lunch drowsiness.
  3. Relieves stress- It is a known fact that short naps can help you relieve stress and also spare your immune system of the damages done by it. Even a nap as short as 20 minutes is good enough.
  4. Naps are heart-healthy- If you suffer from hypertension, naps may help you lower the blood pressure. A study noted that a short nap helped people who when through a mental stress. Naps are said to help recover your body from stressful situations.
  5. Boosts Creativity- REM sleep is known to start 60-90 minutes after you fall to sleep. It is said that a nap with REM sleep can help you boost creativity. It can help you find new ways to come up with answers.
  6. Improves Learning and development skills of kids- Napping isn't great for adults but for children too. A short nap can help them learn things better at school. Research suggests that children who nap have better ability to recall things they learn.

    There you go. So many reasons to nap. However, you might want to keep in mind that over-sleeping has been linked to a set of health issue as well. How do you think naps help you perform better, or it doesn't? Let us know in the comments section as well.