Save Your Data With Datally, Now Locate Public Hotspots With Google’s Smart App in Pune
Locate Public Hotspots with Datally (Photo Credits: Google app Dattally)

Google has become almost indispensable in our modern lives as it has all the answers that one is looking for. Likewise, the Google applications too has solved many purposes. And you do not literally have to be a tech expert to use the apps because they are user friendly. When it is Google, it is much easier to use than other comparable android data managers. Much like its application that was introduced at the end of November last year. Yes, we are talking about Datally—that helps users to monitor data usage and stop background data from eating up the monthly allotments. Unlike other data managers available on Play Store, Datally has gained much trust in a very short period. Because it is from Google!

Mobile data is expensive to many people around the world and it is hard to find out where it all goes. That is why Google came up with Datally. Navigating Datally is quite simple. Almost all of us can use this app to save our monthly data. But for those who are wondering about this application, here is what you need to know.

What is Datally?

Datally is built to assist you and understand where your data is going and cut down how much of it you are using. It will show which apps are using data the most and recommended ways to reduce the usage of date based on your activity. It basically helps you in three things—understand your data, control your data and save your data.

If you are long time android user, Datally may not excite you since such related functions are already inbuilt in your phone. But they are not as spelled out as Datally is. Neat and easier for people to find and remember to use. And what makes the app unique is that it suggests nearby WiFi networks for you to connect. Yes! What more can anyone ask for? Also, according to a recent announcement by Google, people residing in Pune, India can now search the location for public WiFi hotspots in the city with Datally. The user needs to click “Find WiFi” to get the nearest hotspot. The development is a part of Pune Smart City Development Corporation Limited’s “Smart City” project.

So, save more with Datally!