New Delhi, June 23: NASA has issued an alert regarding an asteroid, roughly the size of an 88-foot airplane, set to approach Earth on June 23. The asteroid, designated 2024 KN1, measures about 27 meters in diameter and is traveling at a speed of approximately 16,500 kilometres per hour, according to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

Despite its size, Asteroid 2024 KN1 poses no threat to Earth. NASA categorises it as non-threatening, assuring that it will maintain a safe distance of 5.6 million kilometers, around 14 times the distance between Earth and the Moon. The closest approach is expected at 11:39 PM IST. NASA and Boeing Gives Green Signal to Starliner’s First Astronaut Launch on June 1.

In addition to 2024 KN1, NASA's JPL reports that two more asteroids will pass near Earth on June 25. Asteroid 2024 LO5, measuring 62 feet, will pass at a distance of 1,960,000 kilometers. On the same day, Asteroid 2024 KJ, which is 77 feet in size, will approach at a distance of 5,260,000 kilometers. Railway Station on Moon: NASA Intends to Build High-Tech Train Network on Moon's Surfaces to Run 'Lunar Express', Here's What It Will Carry.

Later, on June 27, the 64-foot Asteroid 2019 NJ will pass by Earth at a distance of 6,610,000 kilometers. Additionally, another asteroid, 415029 (2011 UL21), approximately 7,200 feet in size, will make its closest approach at 6,640,000 kilometers.

These asteroids, remnants from the formation of our solar system, vary significantly in size and composition. Unlike planets, asteroids have jagged and irregular shapes and are primarily made of different kinds of rocks. Some also contain clays or metals such as nickel and iron. Each asteroid's unique formation history contributes to its distinct characteristics.

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