DNA Made of Bible and Quran? Biohacker Adrien Locatelli From France Creates Proteins From Religious Texts to Inject in His Body
Man edits DNA with bible and Quran texts (Photo credits: Pixabay)

With the advent of technology making even the unthinkable possible, a teenager's latest experiment on DNA is surely bizarre. Adrien Locatelli, a high-school student from Grenoble in France, apparently translated religious passages from the holy books of Bible and Quran into DNA codes and then transmitted them into his body. He built unknown proteins from these DNA sequences. He translated the religious texts into building blocks of DNA and it did not matter to him whether injecting them into his body would cause any harm. NASA Confirms Space Did Not Change Astronaut's DNA! So What Caused the Confusion?

DNA and proteins are written with letters and have a fixed structure. A DNA strand is made up of chemicals which are denoted by ACGT and genes are codes prepared with these 4 letters. In the recent studies, it was found that it is possible to convert any sort of information to DNA for storage. Locatelli decided to try it with religious texts and injected it into his body to try out. The biohacker used himself as the mouse of his experiment. World’s First Genetically Edited Babies-Twin Baby Girls Created, Claims Chinese Researcher.

For this, he downloaded digital versions of the religious books and then gave the character a specific nucleotide. After the tedious tasks of translations, he converted them into protein using an online tool. It gave him a protein sequence and he created them with amino acids. It was time to test it out. So he injected the religious coded DNA into his thigh. It did not give him much of an effect, other than soreness for about 2 days. It did not really affect him and he was just happy with the success of the experiment. Although trying something like injecting other DNA proteins can sometimes have dangerous effects on one's body.