Gold Coins Worth 'Millions of Euros' Uncovered From Beneath an Italian Theatre
Gold coins uncovered in Italy (Photo credits: Twitter/_MiBAC)

Italian labourers struck gold very literally when they uncovered a pot full of gold coins from underneath an old theatre. Hundreds of gold coins that date back to the Roman empire were found in a stone urn during an ongoing renovation work at a theatre building in Como. The theatre is being transformed into a luxury apartment and the workers found quite some luxury worth gold, a value of which is 'inestimable.' The coins date back to the 5th century and Italian media have estimated them to be worth millions of euros.

There are approximately 300 gold coins that have been uncovered. Culture Minister Alberto Bonisoli has said, "We do not yet know in detail the historical and cultural significance of this discovery but this area is a real treasure for our archaeology." He has also called it a discovery that makes him proud. The authorities are now planning to stop the renovation work for a while so that further research can be done at the spot. There are possibilities that there could be more jewellery and bars of precious metals underneath. Gold Coins of 12th Century Found During Road Construction in Chhattisgarh. 

Check out the gold coins found at the excavation site in Italy:

This theatre was inaugurated in 1870 and closed in the year 1997. It was demolished for a better construction space, a luxury residence. About this discovery, archaeologists are calling it a soapstone jar. These coins were perfectly preserved and some of them are analysed in Milan.