Bangladesh: Massive Fire At Rohingya Refugee Camp, Over 500 Injured, 400 Still Missing

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15 people have died & 400 are missing after a huge fire destroyed the shanty homes of tens of thousands of Rohingya in the world's biggest refugee settlement in Bangladesh, the United Nations said on March 23. Nearly one million of the persecuted Muslim minority live in squalid conditions at the network of camps in the southeastern Cox's Bazar district. Many of the persecuted Muslim minority escaped a 2017 military crackdown in Myanmar that UN investigators concluded was executed with "genocidal intent". The fire broke out on March 22 & left at least 50,000 people homeless as it ripped through their flimsy bamboo-and-tarpaulin shelters, according to police and aid groups. Terrified families fled with whatever they could carry, with distraught parents separated from their children in the rush. It was just the latest blaze in recent weeks & the biggest since 2017. Bangladesh has ordered a probe.

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