Utah, March 29: Lisa Archbold, a 38-year-old DJ in US, has called for a meeting with the top executive of Delta Air Lines following an incident where she was “scolded” and allegedly threatened with removal from a flight for not wearing a bra. Archbold, who was dressed in baggy jeans and a loose white T-shirt, claims she was escorted off the plane by a female gate agent who demanded she cover up, despite her breasts not being visible. Archbold’s lawyer, Gloria Allred argued that “breasts are not weapons of war” and it’s not a crime for a woman to have them.

According to South China Morning Post, the incident, which occurred during a flight from Salt Lake City, Utah to San Francisco, has sparked a debate over what Archbold describes as a discriminatory policy. She alleges that the Delta agent deemed her attire “revealing” and “offensive”, stating that the airline’s policy did not permit passengers to travel dressed in such a manner. However, she was told she could continue her journey if she wore a jacket over her T-shirt. Mother Kicked Off EasyJet Flight in Spain For Wearing See-Through Top Without Bra.

Archbold’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, has written to Delta on her behalf, demanding a meeting with the company’s president to discuss the alleged discriminatory policy. Allred argues that male passengers are not required to cover their T-shirts or wear a bra to board or remain on a plane, and the same should apply to women. Alaska Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing at Portland Airport After Aircraft Window Blows Out Mid-Air (Watch Video).

Allred also pointed out that US federal rules only allow airlines to remove passengers who present a safety or security risk, which was clearly not the case with Archbold. She emphasized that “breasts are not weapons of war” and it’s not a crime for a woman to have them.

While there are currently no plans for a lawsuit, Allred and Archbold are seeking a meeting with Delta’s president to ensure their policies are updated. In response to inquiries, a Delta spokesperson stated that the company had contacted Archbold earlier this year with an apology.

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