Truck Drivers Blocking Highways in Brazil To Protest Against Fuel Price Hike! Prices of Petrol and Diesel in India Rising Daily, Hope We Don't See this Day
Brazil Truckers Fuel Prize Hike Protest Images (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Frustrated over the continuous fuel price hikes, thousands of Brazilian truck drivers continued blocking roads on the fifth day of strikes. The truck drivers are blocking highways in Brazil to protest the daily rising fuel prices making the roads come to a stand-still. Now, this news can inspire similar protests elsewhere, where the prices of fuel are on ascendancy. It is hard to imagine something happening like this in India but it would be a nightmare for all if the drivers and vehicle owners decide to do this in Indian cities.

Meanwhile, Brazil has said that deal has been reached to suspend the "damaging" strike. The strike caused fuel shortages, held up food deliveries and backed up exports.

But, Brazil government authorized the military on Friday to clear the highways blockaded by protesting truckers after the protests entered a fifth day despite the deal and agreement by most participants to end the demonstrations.

The city of Sao Paulo declared a state of emergency on May 25, Friday. The truckers protesting rising fuel prices refused to clear the blockage caused by the protests on major highways in Brazil.

But some Brazilians supported the strike and blamed Petrobras (a semi-public Brazilian multinational corporation in petroleum sector) for the rising fuel prices:

Here’s a video of the striking school bus drivers on São Paulo’s Paulista Ave.

An aerial view of the strike that blocked the highways and roads:

Domestic petrol prices increased for the 13th day in a row on Saturday, with the fuel being sold at Rs 77.97 per litre in the national capital. The price rose to Rs 77.97 in Delhi from Rs 77.83 a litre on Friday, data from the Indian Oil Corp website showed.

Prices of diesel, the key transportation fuel, which are already at record levels across the major cities rose to Rs 68.90, Rs 71.45, Rs 73.36 and Rs 72.74 a litre on Saturday in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai respectively.

Finally, the Brazil truckers' strike that paralyzed nation was suspended for 15 days. It would be really scary if such a situation ever rises in India. Government has assured that prices of petrol and diesel will soon come down.