Washington, October 16: The probability of another four years of Donald Trump's presidency has struck a rock-bottom, with oddsmakers picking rival Joe Biden as the favourite for the November 3 contest. As per the betting odds, Biden is dwarfing Trump in the high-stake contest which comes amid the raging COVID-19 pandemic. Poll Tracker: Joe Biden Leading Donald Trump by 10 Points, Democrats Predicted to Win 334 Electoral College Votes.

Betfair, the UK-based world's biggest betting exchange, claimed that Biden enjoys an implied probability of 74 percent to win the presidential contest. On the other hand, Trump's chances of re-election have an implied probability of 33 percent.

The wide difference, say oddsmakers, indicate a near one-sided electoral battle. By implied probability, Betfair has converted the betting odd numbers into traditional percentage methodology for better comprehension.

The betting odds, though vastly leaning in favour of Biden, are validated to an extent by the realtime poll trackers. The FiveThirtyEight Pollster Ratings, after compiling data from an array of ongoing pre-poll surveys, claimed on October 15 that Trump is trailing behind Biden by 10 percentage points amond "decided voters".

53.8 percent among the voters who have decided on their voting choice will back Biden, the poll tracker suggested, whereas, 43.5 percent will cast their mandate in favour of Trump.

Not only is Biden predicted to lead the popular vote count, but the Democratic Party is poised to grab 343 electoral college votes - higher than the 270 needed to win a presidential contest - the pre-poll surveys have predicted.

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