Syria: US-led International Coalition Airlifts ISIS Terrorists in Dier Ezzor
ISIS (Photo Credits: ANI)

Dier Ezzor, October 8: The United States-led International Coalition on Sunday airlifted a number of Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists from Syria's eastern Dier Ezzor province. Sources told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) that an air landing near the town of al-Sha'feh - where ISIS terrorists are positioned in the province - was carried out by the US-led coalition's choppers. The terrorists were transported to a different location. This isn't the first time the US-led military coalition is transporting Daesh (ISIS) militants from war zones. Recently, the international coalition conducted similar drills outside the village of al-Mrashde, from where ISIS terrorists spread in the Dier Ezzor province, to transport ISIS leaders. ISIS Seeks Alternative Sources of Finance: Russia.

In April, three Iraqi-origin ISIS commanders, and their families were evacuated from around the village of Tal al-Shayer, 20 kilometres southeast of al-Hasakah province's al-Shadadi. In December 2017, numerous ISIS militants were transported from the Dier Ezzor province to al-Hasakah, which is under the control of US-allied forces. Dier Ezzor was under siege by the ISIS since 2014, until government forces cleared them in 2017, Sputnik reported. ISIS had also targeted their operations in the province in May and June this year. Suspected ISIS Terrorists Arrested in Hyderabad Ahead of Independence Day.

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