New Delhi, January 8: Bulli Bai case main accused and mastermind Niraj Bishnoi has threatened to commit suicide in Delhi Police custody, informed DCP of IFSO special cell KPS Malhotra on Friday.

"The accused has confessed that he knows the creators of 'Sulli Deal', the app where Muslim women were auctioned. He has also accepted that he has access to the user account of Sweta Singh, who has been arrested by Mumbai police", DCP of IFSO special cell KPS Malhotra added.

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The police are taking care of him in police custody. "His medical examination has been conducted and he is stable and unharmed. Suicide threat may be due to his mental condition or maybe he wants to delay the investigation", DCP added.

"He had further disclosed that he was in touch with the persons arrested by Mumbai Police in the virtual world and used to chat through Twitter group chats. He had never met those persons and even did not have their contact numbers. He had disclosed that he was using the Twitter account of the girl Shweta arrested by Mumbai Police", DCP Malhotra added.

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While investigating the Bulli Bai case, the Delhi police have found out that Niraj Bishnoi is habitual of hacking, defacing the websites and learning the same since he was 15 years old.

"Previously he had hacked/defaced the various websites of schools and universities of India as well as of Pakistan. His claims of hacking the websites related to schools are being verified from the concerned quarters", said Delhi Police sources.

The police sources said that they are verifying Niraj's claim of being in touch with the creator of the Sulli Deals app. "Further technical analysis is being done to identify the culprit. Forensic examination of the technical devices is underway", they added.

"He said that he had chosen the Gurmukhi script in the crime as he found the same to be more impactful than the Devanagari script", said Police on Friday.

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