New Delhi, Oct 2 (PTI) From holding Gandhi Katha to inculcating the principles of secularism and equality in society, people following Mahatma Gandhi's principles in their lives are continuing to spread his message of peace and harmony in today's world.

On the occasion of 151st birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on Friday, Shobhana Radhakrishna, an acclaimed speaker, has chalked out a novel way of spreading Gandhian messages by holding Gandhi Katha (a narrative of Gandhi's life) based on the popularity of the Indian oral tradition in different parts of the country and abroad.

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"Since Gandhi ji's philosophy is based on truth, non-violence, ethical leadership, moral and spiritual life, his unique practices of wellness of body, mind and soul and the environmental credo is a very important learning for people, I have been passing these on to people through my Gandhi Katha," she told PTI.

The expert on Gandhian philosophy said Gandhi Katha has enabled people to put their hearts into understanding him and get inspired.

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"Gandhi Katha attempts to provide some principles, ideas and alternatives that can help us in our quest for greater substance in life; addresses the pressing challenges of our times and provides lessons for personal growth and transformation. It also gives an insight about Mahatma Gandhi's views relevant to the contemporary world," she said.

The 65-year-old speaker grew up in Mahatma Gandhi's Sewagram Ashram in Wardha where she says she cultivated a strong ideological connect with Gandhi's ideals.

Uttam Parmar, a 64-year-old activist, believes he has been born twice -- once was his biological birth and second time was when he learnt about Gandhi's principles and was born as an Indian citizen.

"We have a culture of 5,000 years. Every human being should first become a citizen and should get his right as citizen of a country and the first person to say this was Gandhi. Others fought for Independence of the country but Gandhi was the first one to say that every human being should have rights as a citizen.

"Gandhi ji fought against evils of the society by bringing in equality, secularism. These are the principles I follow in my daily life and teach people to follow them," a trustee of Gujarat Vidya Peeth said.

Eighty years old academician Sudarshan Aiyengar not only adopted Gandhi's principles but also his lifestyle and he has been wearing Khadi for the past 60 years.

"Gandhi ji's principle of cleanliness is important but his biggest contribution is towards the secular movement and I am trying to act on it. If you go by ritual, then for the past 60 years I have been using khadi in my clothing" he said.

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