New Delhi, April 2: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday greeted people on the occasion of the beginning of Navratri and also the traditional Indian new year, which is celebrated as different festivals in different parts of India.

"Happy Navratri to all countrymen. May this festival of the worship of Shakti infuse new energy in everyone's life," he tweeted. May Vikram Samvat bring new enthusiasm and zeal to your life, he said in another tweet. 'Have 20 Kg RDX': Email Threatening to Harm PM Narendra Modi And Kill Many Others Received by Mumbai Branch of NIA.

Modi also extended his greetings on the occasion of Ugadi, Cheti Chand, Sajibu Cheiraoba, Navreh and Gudi Padwa; various festivals celebrated in different parts of the country to mark the traditional new year.

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