Brussels [Belgium] July 22 (ANI/Sputnik): The authorities of the Wallonia-Brussels region in Belgium, which suffered the greatest damage from recent floods, have decided to create an emergency mechanism to assist the affected regions, Belgian broadcaster RTBF reported.

This mechanism will compensate for the lack of local funds for reconstruction work, repair of damaged buildings and utilities, purchase of furniture, equipment, and to finance temporary accommodation, the report said.

The funds are expected to be allocated immediately ahead of insurance pay-outs. Damaged educational institutions and vital infrastructure will have priority.

The number of funds to be allocated through the mechanism has not been reported. The regional head of the Reformist Movement party in Wallonia's Liege, Serge Delvenne, has told Sputnik that the estimated cost of spending amounts to millions of euros.

Heavy rains covered Belgium from July 14-15, causing rivers to overflow their banks and flood large areas in the country's east, including Liege and Luxembourg. Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo described the floods as the most catastrophic in the country's history.

According to Belgian authorities, the flooding killed at least 36 people, while several dozen others remain missing. (ANI/Sputnik)

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