Kyiv, March 13: Over 2,100 residents of Ukraine's besieged port city of Mariupol have been killed since the Russian forces started its invasion, CNN reported citing officials on Sunday. Officials in the besieged city said, it has suffered 22 bombing attacks in the last 24 hours (to 10 a.m. ET), according to CNN.

"To date, 2,187 Mariupol residents have died from attacks by Russia," the city council of besieged Mariupol said. "The situation in Mariupol continues to be very difficult. The city has no electricity, water, heat, almost no mobile communication, is running out of food and water," CNN quoted officials as saying.

On February 24, Russia began a special military operation in Ukraine after the Donetsk and Luhansk people's republics requested help in defending themselves. Russia-Ukraine War: US Journalist Killed in Ukraine’s City of Irpin.

The Russian Defense Ministry said the special operation is targeting Ukrainian military infrastructure only and the civilian population is not in danger. The West however denies these claims by the Russians and in response, Western nations have imposed comprehensive sanctions on Moscow. In addition, they introduced sanctions on Belarus for supporting Russia's operation in Ukraine.

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