Two time best-selling author and America’s #1 Heartbreak Coach, Keishorne Scott, has just released a new workbook designed to help men and women overcome heartbreak. Keishorne wanted to create a unique way to help his readers heal and transform their heartbreak. He did just that in The Heartbreak Workbook: 10 Proven Strategies for Healing, Renewing, and Recovering

This unique workbook provides concrete exercises designed to help a person move through their grief and hurt to forgiveness, acceptance, and beyond. Each chapter is designed to give the reader action steps to take right now to start and continue on the path to healing.

Keishorne begins the workbook with a difficult but necessary first step: turn your phone and computer off. He says that “you have to stop staring at your phone, waiting for a text or a call from your ex”. Only then can readers have space to breathe and begin the healing process.

The workbook takes off from there, launching into forgiveness in week one. The setup of week one is mirrored throughout the ten weeks of healing throughout the workbook. Keishorne gives readers concrete examples of what forgiveness is and what it is not before talking about his own and his past clients’ experiences with this very difficult but very necessary first step on this journey of transformation. At times, Keishorne cites other relationship and therapy experts; however, the bulk of the explanations and examples come from Keishorne’s own experiences.

Because Keishorne has experienced heartbreak himself and speaks from his heart, he truly understands all the facets of ending a relationship and the daily changes that a person needs to make to move forward. One of the most powerful self-coaching exercises he has in the workbook is a daily habits worksheet. Keishorne talks about how one of the most difficult parts of a breakup is the habits you formed when you were a couple are no longer part of your routine. In order to take steps forward, you have to break those connections and take up a new activity. This seemingly simple worksheet to fill a very tangible void left by an ex with a new habit (there are suggestions of habits to add!) provides comfort in a time when everything seems full of pain.

His openness and willingness to share his own heartbreak journey is what truly makes this workbook stand out. Readers can easily feel Keishorne’s genuine understanding of what they are feeling as they work through forgiving themselves and their exes, accepting their pain, understanding their emotions, and believing they will love again. Keishorne is right there with readers as they navigate their raw emotions and begin to take steps to find themselves again.

The Heartbreak Workbook is a must for every person struggling through a breakup right now. Keishorne is a steady voice that will gently push you to take one step at a time to rediscover yourself. He is a true coach in every sense of the word: giving ideas and exercises while helping you to take those first steps yourself. This entire journey is about you rediscovering yourself and healing yourself on the way to being your best self.