India is currently the new swain for the European iGaming industry! Gambling is heavily restricted in the country and legit Indian online casinos are in the hinterlands. However, borders don’t matter anymore. The World Wide Web is where everyone throngs.

$930 million – this is the current value of India’s gaming industry. It is expected to grow at 41% every year. (Source: here). But the country’s laws are strict and the government hasn’t worked on pushing the market yet. In short, the potential is still untapped. Needless to say, international investors are looking forward to making some serious money here.

Enter the European Market.

Foreign casino operators from countries like Sweden have taken note of the divided opinion of Indians on whether gambling should be legalized to bring in revenue or banned keeping in mind its adverse effect. While the public is still in a state of disagreement with each other, patrons of gambling have promptly embraced online casinos. Why, you ask?

The process of registration is simple, sometimes asking only for the player’s email id and date of birth. According to, Depositing and withdrawing money is easy thanks to the many e-wallets that are supported. Above all, these casinos are available 24/7 with customer support, which means players are never left in the lurch if issues pop up.

Throw in a bunch of traditional Indian gambling games in their online avatar and you’ve cracked the code to making an Indian punter happy! Also, these casinos are sources of global entertainment online. You could be playing alongside any punter from anywhere in the world where gambling is legal. You could also be playing with real human dealers, which notches up the thrill.

There’s a great mix of fun and big money – the two prime reasons why people gamble online. What more could anyone ask for?

Why India Makes a Great Target Market?

We spoke to some experts at who are a leading affiliate website in Sweden about this and we learned a great deal. They also told us how casinos without license are becoming popular in Europe.

European operators are known to study discrete local areas and attune their business to sell their products and services. But times are changing. Borders are being disrupted. Although this isn’t a paradigm shift, it still is worth everyone’s attention. The reasons are many.

Firstly, gambling in India has a deep-rooted history. The country’s attitude towards gambling is regardless of what the modern laws command. The activity is neither condoned nor forbidden in society. Moreover, people in the country have a pronounced appetite for real money games. In other words, India has what international investors yearn for – the right environment to grow a booming business.

Secondly, the market is untapped, like we discussed previously in the article. Where there’s demand, there has to be supply. Therefore, it is an opportunity no operator would want to miss. From casino-style games to sports betting, Indian punters love it all. With the availability of traditional games such as Teen Patti, Andar Bahar and Jhandi Munda, the prospects seem encouraging.

The third and the most important reason is Europe itself. Given the current pandemic, Europe has been facing huge hurdles regarding international mobility. The economy is in shambles and routes to recovery are long. The continent’s iGaming market could prove to be a critical and stable contributor helping the countries recover from the crisis. What makes a better target than India?

How is Sweden Nailing it?

Regulations regarding gambling in Europe have undergone major changes in the past few years. Sweden is amongst those countries that have been tightening the noose around the iGaming industry with their stringent laws.

Advertising controls, spending caps and time-bound playing restrictions are some of the many rules which operators of casinos with a Swedish license must follow. To top it all, the country also has an opt-in national self-exclusion program called Spelpaus, which lets players restrict their entry into all Swedish casinos for a fixed period.

It is evident that if the country’s iGaming industry focuses only on the local market, it is bound to be doomed – a big reason it is spreading its horizons. Casinos without Swedish license have already emerged as a big hit with players worldwide. They are legit and licensed by authorities such as MGA and UKGC. Such online casinos are less stringent and more welcoming to a global audience.

Indians, too, can sign up at these gambling sites and play real money games without getting jacked. Because they are playing at casinos located abroad, they are not subject to the Indian gambling laws and cannot be held guilty. Most of all, the bonuses at these casinos are grand and more than sufficient to give them a flying start.

After expert opinion from and others it is safe to conclude that European operators and especially those in Sweden, would continue targeting the Indian iGaming market in the future and could even swamp it. A surge in the number of Indian winners wouldn’t come as a surprise as well.