Parveen Agarwal is a known face in the real estate world in Kolkata. He is the owner of Rajwada Group along with his brother Bikash Agarwal. He has been leading various projects of his company right from the front taking up all the challenges coming to him time and again. He leads his professional life with example and leaves no stone unturned to prove his worth before his team. All thanks to his go-getting attitude, which makes him the winner all the time.

He has led multiple projects on a daily basis leading the team on the grassroot level and hence was able to sort out the things instantly. He is the owner of incredible attributes and thus remains acumen of financial issues along with taking up the financial figures and thus making everyone surprised with his financial team. All thanks to his visionary father who has given him the skill sets that has made him the leader in the business world.

This is the reason why he is able to deal with his issues during the times of crisis as well and the NBFC crisis in recent times have hampered the funding choices of the developers. He has been playing the game so swiftly along with moving with a great pace like owning the foreign sports cars along with managing the pub cum food club called Encode in a good location Kolkata. With his incredible vision, he is able to enter into the zero debtors line of business and thus is able to succeed in new venture and thus exploring on various plans to make things right.