As shown in the figure, the Sulopay payment token Sulo was launched on the OrbitEX on 1st February, 2020 , with an opening price of only 0.1U. After the opening, investors sought after and began to skyrocket, reaching a maximum of 3 usdt that day, an rapid increase of 3000.08 %, and then the currency price rushed higher, and the lowest price so far was about 30 times the opening price, only waiting for the opportunity to continue to break through. What is Sulo? The opening is so sought after by investors. The capital market is the most sensitive. The advantages of technology will hide in front of the currency price. Sulo must have its own uniqueness.

First ever crypto payment in Asia - Sulopay

SuloPay is a payments solution attempting to make crypto payments as easy as possible to support communities around the world. Sulopay accepted Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH),Tether (USDT) , is the first crypto solution in Asia.

It is a blockchain project focused on making crypto payments as easy as possible. Instead of having to manage complex crypto addresses, users can send cryptocurrencies using mobile phone numbers.

It replaces cumbersome and dated paper processes with a streamlined, web-based method for collecting payment information. Not only is our solution simple and convenient, but it helps to reduce fraud and chargebacks, enhance security and address PCI compliance needs.

  1. Sulopay Wins "Best Blockchain Innovation Award 2020at Blockchain Turning Award

Blockchain Turning Awards recognise the best performing blockchain Technology company and developing team on a global and a regional basis.

Sulopay won the award for the 'Best Blockchain Innovation Award 2020” because of their streamline payment processes  and global transaction solutions. Their security prides itself on their blockchain technology and centralized log management. Ability to pull in cloudtrail and other logs into one place for reporting and alerting.

  1. Sulo is listed on Orbit Exchange

Going back to the beginning of this article, some people say that the skyrocketing is due to the launch of Sulo on the world's top Orbit exchange. Orbit Exchange aims to provide safe, fast and comfortable cryptocurrency trading services for global digital currency enthusiasts. As an emerging exchange, Orbit Exchange has developed rapidly and has become the world's top 20 exchanges in just three years. This cooperation has a great effect on Sulo's exposure and promotion. Sulo can obtain a better development platform and strive to find more business opportunities inside and outside the industry, which has caused the price of Sulo to skyrocket.

The vision of Sulo's listing on Orbit Exchange is: to unite the interests of multiple parties and work together for a win-win situation. Whether it is the light chain itself, Orbit exchange, or users, this model achieves a win-win situation for all parties. Sulo gained more users and better depth through the launch of Orbit Exchange. At the same time, it gave Sulo exposure, allowing more people to participate in buying and selling projects to understand the project itself. This paved the way for Sulo to achieve a better vision in the process of continuous development:

1) Sulo gets the platform

Orbit Exchange helps the Sulo project increase brand awareness and increase exposure by providing a platform with tens of millions of potential investors and users around the world;

2) Sulo gets traffic

As the world's leading exchange, Orbit Exchange has an unparalleled user depth. In the world of blockchain, many early investors will become users of the project, and Sulo will obtain users of Orbit Exchange, which is far more important than raising funds.