Vikas Bahl Dropped His Pants and Masturbated on the Victim’s Back – Read Shocking Details of This Ugly Incident
Vikas Bahl masturbated on the victim (File Image)

Vikas Bahl controversy is getting uglier and murkier by the day. The Queen director, who is accused of sexual harassment by one of his previous employees is meanwhile unperturbed with this entire incident. While we know the victim was sexually abused by the director and she found no help from the management of the Phantom Films, what we didn't know were the details of that night she was accused. In her chat with Huffington Post, she recalled the entire horrific incident that was disgusting and shameful at the same time. Anurag Kashyap Reveals They Suspended Vikal Bahl After the Entire Incident, Says He Was the One Who Revealed His Name Publicly Over a Year Ago.

It all started when the cast and crew had gathered for a party in Goa before the release of Bombay Velvett. After the party, Vikas offered the victim to drop her to her room since she was recovering from an accident and had few drinks. While she thought his gesture was very kind, little did she know his intentions weren't. After they reached her room, she rushed to the washroom. However, once she came out of the loo, Vikas was lying on the footrest of her bed. She recalled, "He acted as if he couldn't get up. I asked him to get up, leave. In my head, I was thinking furiously, 'what should I do to get him out?" And after she asked Vikas to leave the room repeatedly, she gave up. "I had no energy to do anything more. He wasn't leaving my room. I gathered some strength and put multiple pillows between the two of us to create some sort of a divider. Everything was blurry, I was on the verge of passing out but one part of my brain was very aware of this man who wouldn't leave my bed."

However, once she lied on the bed, Vikas put his hand inside her dress and then dropped his pants and started masturbating onto her back. Since she still had her back towards him, he yelled, "Fuck you, bitch" before leaving the room. The incident still gives her goosebumps. Kangana Ranaut Accuses Queen Director Vikas Bahl, Says 'He’d Bury His Face in My Neck.

She also believes that this overnight decision to announce the spilt of Phantom films was evident. "To me, the overnight split appears like a pre-emptive measure. My heart really goes out for those people who didn't have anything to do with my case and will perhaps lose their job," she said. "What Bahl did to me that night in that hotel room in Goa has had a lasting impact. I am still healing. It has affected my relationships, my spirit, my social life, everything. I think twice before going out for a film-related event... but do I fear him? No. Not today. And I want to tell every young woman in this industry, it's never your fault. It's not your burden, it's not your shame," she further added.