Cardi B Shares a Picture of Baby Kulture Online for the First Time After Her Birth and We Cannot Keep Calm!
Baby Kulture's picture. (Photo Credit: Instagram/ iamcardib)

Cardi B and Offset got married on the 20th of September 2017, and it has been over a year to them becoming man and wife. The couple welcomed their first child- baby Kulture quite a few months ago and after that Cardi B also has many a time openly declared that Kulture was the best thing happened to her. However, since her birth, Cradi B never posted any pictures of her on the social media even after being an avid social media user. Fans obviously were desperately waiting to see little baby Kulture since months until now. Young Cardi B Costume Inspires The Internet on Halloween and It’s Totally Lit!

Finally putting an end to our anticipation Cardi B shared a picture of little Kulture just a few hours ago, and we cannot keep calm! Baby Kulture is beyond adorable and worth the wait! Take a look at the picture of baby Kulture for yourself!


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My heart ❤️

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Cardi B had never shared the picture of her daughter as she was not very sure about sharing baby Kulture's photo online. In many interviews, she has spoken about her apprehension regarding sharing the picture of baby Kulture. In one of the interviews, she had said 'Sometimes I do want to show people how beautiful and how precious she is, She's so precious...There's a lot of people that have crazy minds, you know. I want to protect her! She's my little buggy.'

However, this picture will surely raise hopes of the fans who will want to see more photos of baby Kulture in future. However, what are your views about uploading kids' pictures on social media? Let us know in the comment section below!