Disney Plus Displays 'Outdated Cultural Depictions' Warning Disclaimers In Older Content For Racial and Stereotypical References
Disney Plus (Photo Credits: File Image)

Disney Plus site is officially launched and the fans are attacking it with their crazy fandom. The new streaming platform which was promoted since months now, has a large fanbase already. It has a wide range of movies and series that might leave a true-blue binge watcher in the state of tizzy. The content is a mixture of brand new content as well as the old, iconic ones. However, one thing that the Disney Plus made sure of is to display a disclaimer for the old shows. The platform gives 'outdated cultural depictions' warning on the shows from the past. ‘The Mandalorian’ and Other Disney plus Content Leaked on Torrent and Illegal OTT Platforms, Hotstar Soon to Announce Disney+ India Release Date.

This move is obviously in order to steer away from the controversies in the future. It is a known thing that some of the much-loved and even iconic shows had a bit of stereotypical content in the store. Some went unnoticed while others received mild criticism. However, the officials are in no mood to take the risk and took the responsibility of acknowledging the controversial and stereotypical references in the shows back then. 1941 film Dumbo, The Aristocats, Jungle Book, the 1955 animated Lady and the Tramp are some of the films that are said to have these warnings.

On the other hand, the platform is receiving a humongous response by the cinephiles across various countries. If we go by the stats produced by Apptopia, Disney Plus was downloaded 3.2 million times to mobile devices in just twenty four hours. In fact, the app has also clinched the top position on the Apple iOS app store in both the US and Canada. Also, to the relief of Indian fans, OTT platform Hotstar recently announced that they are working on bringing Disney+ in the country and the date will be soon announced.