Angry Birds Movie 2 Teaser: Leslie Jones' Zeta Is Firing Ice Balls With A Zero Chill Attitude (Watch Video)
Angry Birds Movie 2 teaser is here. (Photo Credits: YouTube/Screen-grab/Sony Pictures Entertainment)

A new teaser of Angry Birds Movie 2 is here and it is as expected a fun ride. The new movie is already getting the franchise's fans in a tizzy. The new teaser is all about 'Winter is coming' not Game Of Thrones style but in a more lighter manner. A new character has been introduced and that is Zeta, the villain. Voiced by the super talented, Ghostbusters star  Leslie Jones, the second teaser features a frustrated Zeta who is isolated on an island full of ice and wants to make contact outside. Zeta has tons of ice on her side is seen shooting ice balls which eventually land up in the island where the pigs and the birds live.

The teaser brings back all the loved characters from the first film. Actors working on the film, who have lent their voices include, Peter Dinklage, Josh Gad, Sterling K. Brown, Bill Hader, Jason Sudeikis, Rachel Bloom, Awkwafina, Nicki Minaj, Eugenio Derbez. Bill Hader returns as Leonard, King of the pigs. Nicki Minaj Joins Cast of ‘The Angry Birds Movie 2’, Will Lend Her Voice to Character in the Movie.

Take a look at the teaser of Angry Birds Movie 2:

The Angry Birds Movie 2 has been directed by Thurop Van Orman and John Rice. It has been written by Peter Ackerman and produced by Mary Ellen Bauder, David Maisel and Catherine Winder. The film is all set to release this August. The Angry Birds Movie 2 will release in India in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.