From Zombie Captain America To T'challa As Star Lord, Disney Plus' Launch Brings A New Glimpse Into The Expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe
What Of on Disney Plus (Photo Credits: Twitter)

If one that is keeping Marvel fans going after the release of Avengers: Endgame, it is the curiosity and excitement about the future of MCU. From what the makers have announced, the future sure looks bright. Phase 4 movies have been announced along with many series for Disney Plus, the production company's new OTT platform. Apart from the titles, cast and tentative release dates, not much about the projects has been announced. As Disney Plus was launched today, fans also got a glimpse at concept art for the future series including What If, Hawkeye, Loki, and Falcon and Winter SoldierAvengers: Endgame - This Deleted Scene Shows Robert Downey Jr's Tony Stark Having a Heartfelt Conversation with his Grown-up Daughter, Morgan (Watch Video).

A short video called “Expanding The Universe”  is also available on the OTT platform. While the video doesn't explicitly reveal much details, fans were still able to spot tiny glimpses of what lies ahead. Pics and clips of concept art for the upcoming projects were included in the video. Here are some interesting things from the video:

What If T'Challa Was Star Lord?

The animated series by Marvel, titled, What If, will feature alternate realities. For instance, what if T'Chall was Star Lord? We wonder how the King of Wakanda would even reach space in the first place. Isn't Wakanda off the grid? Disney Plus Site Launch Error: 'Consumer Demand Exceeded Our High Expectations' Say Officials After Fans Complain About Technical Issue.

Here is A GIF of The Watcher's introduction

Peggy Carter as Captain America

Speaking of Alternate Captain America, Here is a Zombie One

And Whatever This Version of Captain America is

Zemo's Look Revealed for The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Sharon Carter's New Look For Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Kate Bishop with Hawkeye for the New Series

Here is More of T'Challa as Star Lord

And Here is More of Peggy Carter as Captain America

As you were, but more excited now. It will be a tough wait until Disney Plus comes in its full form. What excited you the most from the release concept art? For us it was the zombie Captain America, hands down. Stay tuned to LatestLY for more updates.