Dance India Dance Li'l Master Written Episode Update, May 26, 2018: John Abraham Promotes Parmanu as The Kids Dedicate Their Acts to Soldiers
Photo Credit: Zee TV/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Dance India Dance Li'l Master starts with the judges panicking to a bomb on their desk. Later Farah Khan calls for John Abraham to save her. John walks in and talks about his movie Parmanu. He says that the youngsters today are proud of their country and he wanted to impart this patriotism in a fun way through his film. The kids perform to songs requested by the Indian army soldiers. Surya performs first to a song from Parmanu, and it leaves everyone so emotional as the act leaves them all with a beautiful message.

Surya's father is not there, and so there are no dreams as well, but Farah says she has a dream of John carrying Jay. John does that very easily, but he later says that he has some ligament tears in his hand from his action sequences from the movie. Farah asks Jay to pick up John and Jay has to. Later we have a request for Galti se Mistake, and Payal-Kaustav performs to it with so much fun. Marzi appreciates the impeccable timing of the couple.

The parents have a fun question and answer session for John. John talks about how he has had crushes on teachers and also that he feels this is a part of growing up. The children too have issues to share with John. Rohan Thapa is next, and he has received a request for yaad laglele. Vrinda walks in next performing to dilbaro. Vrinda talks about her father and gets all emotional. Siddharth calls out to her father and asks him to watch his daughter doing wonders on stage. Vrinda is in tears as Siddharth walks to the stage to hug her.

Farah says that she too misses her father and she also requests Vrinda's father to come to the stage one day to support her. Urva is next dancing to bebasi from Rockstar. Urva has a letter for John and also a poem for him. They have a push-up competition on the stage and Urva wins the war. John carries both Jay and Marzi on his arms. Mann and Amit have a request to dance to bolo har har. John makes the judges except Farah do some exercises that the soldiers do to keep themselves fit. Jay wins it even as Marzi drags him down from the ropes. AP Rockers perform to maula merey.

John talks about how patriotic he is as he has this flag that he keeps with himself always. AP Rockers do not impress the judges much, but they stand third as per voting. Jay talks about how the kids were taken to the Amul factory this week and how they saw the icecreams being made. Jiya cannot perform today as she is suffering from chicken pox. The performer of the day is Payal and Koustav. Rohan Thapa leaves the show with the least number of votes.