Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Episode Update, June 13, 2018: Ishita Lets The Bhallas Take Roshni Home For a Baby Shower
Photo Credit: Star Plus/ Episode Stills

Today's episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein starts with Ishita(Divyanka Tripathi) tensed over the decision she has to take up soon. Roshni tries to calm her as she says that she herself understand what Santoshi and the others in the family might be feeling and she is okay with their decision. Ishita says that it is Roshni's magnanimity that she understands but this can prove to be harmful for her as the Bhallas might just separate her from her own child.

Aliya meets Madhu on her way out of the house and she asks her what she is worried about Madhu expresses her wish that Roshni would come home for the baby shower. Aliya is left upset by this. Param walks up to add fuel to this saying no one is bothered about what Aliya is feeling. Aliya walks away even as Madhu tries to clarify herself. Later Madhu tells Param to keep away from their family affairs.

Madhu tries to convince Aliya saying she did not mean to hurt her. Aliya tells her that she understands that her intentions were right for her. Shagun walks in happily. Aliya tries to apologise to her for the day before, but Shagun says that she does not want the discussion anymore. Shagun makes her taste some cookies and Aliya, as well as Madhu, enjoy the cookies. Shagun then tells them her plan for a catering business and asks Aliya if she can help her out. Aliya happily gets on board as does Madhu. They hear the family walk back in and decide to check.

Santoshi tells Madhu that Ishita is not convinced and Raman assures to get Ishita to agree to them at any cost. Shagun meets Pihu and hugs her. Shagun offers to take Pihu shopping, and Pihu is happy that after so long finally, she met Shagun. Romi takes Mihika to an orphanage so they can adopt a child as this decision come as a shock to Mihika. Romi manages to convince Mihika about this as he says that it is time they have their own family.

The authorities ask Romi to get papers of the properties he owns so they can file a request for the adoption. Romi decides to get the papers of his new house as all other properties he co-owns with Raman. Shagun and Pihu are driving by when they notice Roshni on the road. Pihu asks Shagun to stop the car as Roshni might need help. Shagun later opens the door as Param barges in and says that she and Mani should revolt against what the Bhallas are doing to Aliya.

Param is shocked to find Roshni at Shagun's house and asks them what they are doing. Shagun says that this is humanity. Ishita is in the market when she is bombarded with celebration and song by the Bhallas in a bid to convince her. Roshni also asks Ishita to not think about anything else and agree to this. Ishita says yes finally. Raman takes them all for lunch.