Girl's Semi-Nude Pics & Video Leaked: Meghalaya Village Fines Woman for Filing Case Against Ex-Boyfriend
man using laptop (Photo Credits: Pixabay

A woman in Meghalaya was asked to pay a fine of Rs 3,000 by a village for filing a case against her ex-boyfriend who shared her semi-nude pictures and video on social media. Along with that, she was asked to pay another fine of Rs 1,500 to a local club for her "sin". The incident happened after the woman filed an FIR against one Mansrang Sangma of Gairong village at the Mendipathar Police Station on August 30.

According to The New Indian Express, the woman in her complain wrote, "During my relationship with him, he had taken an obscene video of mine without my knowledge. On learning about it, I told him to delete it but he didn’t do so." The accused has been arrested by the police.

Following the incident, the woman was summoned by The Dainadubi Mothers' Union where some local NGOs were also present. Shillong-based Civil Society Women's Organisation (CSWO) said the woman was asked to pay a fine of Rs 3,000 to the community meeting and Rs.1,500 to the Upper Nogolpara Club. They also threatened to get her arrested.

CSWO president Agnes Kharshiing said, "The next morning, the Dainadubi Mothers’ Union summoned the victim at the PJAC Hall, blaming her for the video going viral and also on her filing the FIR against the person circulating her video. The woman trusted the man and he has no right to spread such video."

Talking about the incident, the organisation added, "The CSWO condemns such acts of intimidation and extortion and urge the authorities to ensure the safety of victims and that they are not harassed and summoned by such exploiting community heads an NGO."