Chandigarh, June 28: Conjoined since birth, twins Sohna and Mohna, have now registered themselves as voters in Amritsar, according to report. The brothers, who turned 18 recently, have claimed their right to vote separately, as reported by The Tribune. However, it is not clear whether they will be considered as two different individuals or a single entity by the election commission for the purpose of casting vote. Conjoined Twin Sisters Separated in Rare Surgery at Mumbai's Wadia Hospital.

“We would have to seek clarification from the Election Commission norms whether their vote would be treated as one or two," DC Gurpreet Singh Khaira told The Tribune. He reportedly added that the conjoined brother's was one-of-its-kind case'. Another concern being in regard to the secret ballot norm because only one person is allowed to be present at once while casting the vote. Siamese Twins Separated Successfully at UP's King George's Medical University.

Inderjit Kaur, Head of Pingalwara Society which adopted the brother after they were abandoned by their parents, however said that the twins are very different personalities and opinions. She reportedly said, “They are two different personalities with distinct features. Currently, they are studying technicalities of electric appliances from ITI."

Meanwhile, the brothers are looking forward to cast their first vote in the upcoming Punjab Assembly Elections due next year. They told The Tribune that we have officially become adults now so we will press the voting button of our choice. Sohna and Mohna were born in 2003 at a hospital in New Delhi and are conjoined below the torso with one pair of legs.

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