Firecrackers Ban: Why Keep Stressing on Banning Crackers When Automobile Is Bigger Pollutant, Asks Supreme Court
Firecrackers (Photo credits: Unsplash)

New Delhi, March 12: The Supreme Court on Tuesday observed that automobile is a bigger polluter than firecrackers and asked the Centre to give a comparative study on pollution caused by firecrackers and automobiles at the earliest. The top Court asked why people were running after firecrackers and seeking ban on it when it seems that automobile is the bigger polluter. The Court fixed the matter for further hearing to April 3.

During the hearing today, the top Court asked, "what about the rights of the unemployed workers in cracker factories? Can't leave them hungry". "We did not wish to generate unemployment. If the occupation is legal and duly licensed how can you stop it?", the top Court said. Firecrackers Rules For Diwali, Christmas And New Year: Burst Crackers For 2 Hours on Dipavali, 1 Hour on New Year, Says Supreme Court.

Here's the tweet:

The top Court in October 2018 had permitted the sale and manufacture of low emission “green” firecrackers countrywide and fixed a two-hour time period from 8 pm to 10 pm for bursting them on Diwali and other festivals. The apex court’s order came on a plea seeking a ban on manufacture and sale of firecrackers across the country to curb air pollution. Green Firecrackers Allowed By Supreme Court: What Are Eco-Friendly Crackers? 

During the hearing in October last year, a bench comprising Justices A K Sikri and Ashok Bhushan had also restrained e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon from selling firecrackers which were beyond the permissible limit. The bench also said that e-commerce websites will be hauled up for contempt of court if they don’t adhere to the court’s direction.