The term “crowdfunding” is well-known to internet users as more than one of them has come across a digital campaign or created one themselves. People turn to these platforms in times of need to help finance a special project or give support to someone who is struggling. That is why multiple companies have been founded to provide individuals the perfect place to hold their fundraisers, share them with the world, and meet their financial goals. Because of this, many users wonder which crowdfunding platform is the best. Although there are plenty of options, FreeFunder is giving GoFundMe a run for its money.

John Symonds founded FreeFunder to solve a common issue most crowdfunding platforms present: charging a fee for using the service. He wanted to finance a short film but came to realize it would be hard to make every penny count if he had to pay 5-9% for simply using the website. Instead, he decided to create his own platform, allowing users to create campaigns and share them without paying any platform fees.

The no-fees policy is key to helping those in need. Symonds says, “FreeFunder is for personal crowdfunding. That means it could be for any kind of emergent need like a hospital expense, funeral, vet bill, but it could also be for raising money for a honeymoon, a mission trip, a little league team. Any time there is a need, and there is a community interested in meeting that need, FreeFunder is the fastest and easiest way to gather people in one place to donate money and see the progress toward meeting that goal.”

At the time of its creation, the huge difference between FreeFunder and other crowdfunding sites was that FreeFunder did not charge any platform fees. Instead, they relied on customers’ voluntary donations. Later on, GoFundMe adopted the same model, creating an even closer competition between both brands. However, Symonds wanted to continue to innovate and improve the personal fundraising experience by incorporating several user-friendly features that make them the crowdfunding platform of 2021.

The most obvious feature to add was the mobile-friendly one. Most people donate from their phones, and creating a webpage that could be navigated easily from any smartphone makes donations even more possible. But the team did not stop there. They added seven other features that make FreeFunder stand out from its number one competitor.

  1. Donating to your campaign: based on the amount of Facebook shares your campaign receives, FreeFunder donates up to $70 to help your fundraiser.
  2. Donate with a text: they have created the Text-To-Donate feature, which allows users to select a keyword that donors can text at any given time to make their donations right from their phone.
  3. Add fundraiser to your website: one of the best features is the embedded fundraiser widgets. This allows followers to embed their campaign on their website and accept donations there without donors having to leave the site and login in somewhere else.
  4. Share your campaign: FreeFunder offers several sharing tools already in your fundraiser to make it easier for you to share your campaign with everyone you know and who follows you on social media.
  5. Teamwork makes the dream work: this crowdfunding platform allows you to add several team members who can help you post updates, thank contributors, and make any edits necessary to your campaign.
  6. Keeping donors posted: with one click, you can keep your donors updated on how the campaign is going by sending out a massive email with any important details.
  7. A+ customer support: FreeFunder’s team cares immensely about its users, and that is why they have a responsive and speedy customer support team in place who will answer your questions or concerns 24/7.

Although many crowdfunding platforms were born in the last few years, not all care about their users as much as FreeFunder does. From the moment they went live, they have been creating features and upgrading their platform to make sure it is user-friendly, and it will not add an expense to an already difficult time. Instead, they offer a $0 platform fee that will allow them to create the perfect campaign, share it with the world, create that sense of community that stands behind crowdfunding, and meet their financial goals. FreeFunder is giving every crowdfunding platform a run for their money.