Jammu & Kashmir Police Personnel Disguise Themselves Among Stone-Pelters, Nab Four Ring Leaders
A stone-pelter being nabbed in Srinagar by a disguised police official | (Photo Credits: PTI)

Srinagar, Sept 8: Personnel of the Jammu & Kashmir police disguised themselves among a mob of stone-pelters which had gathered outside the Jama Masjid in Srinagar on Friday, following the congregational prayers. As the mob began pelting stones against the police and CRPF personnel stationed at bay, the disguised cops swung into action, nabbing four persons identified as ring-leaders of stone-pelting processions.

The strategy not only led to the arrest of the four repeat offenders, but also turned out to be an efficient mob-quelling measure. The crowd dispersed within minutes after the police apprehended the ring leaders.

Although the police is being lauded for taking using the innovative measure, it was not implemented for the first time by the J&K police. In 2010, the security forces in the Valley were faced with massive stone-pelting protests to agitate against the death of civilian protesters in alleged police firing. To crackdown on the mobs, the police had then infiltrated the ranks of stone pelters and arrested dozens among them.

A leaf out of Israel's defence strategy?

A similar strategy was used by the Israeli defence forces two years ago, while quelling protests by Palestinians in the West Bank. On October 7, 2015, several Israeli policemen infiltrated among the Palestinian protesters only to apprehend scores among them.