Mumbai Man Stabs Girlfriend to Death, Slits His Own Throat With Same Knife in Bhayander
Stabbing | Image Used for Representational Purpose (Photo Credits: Maxpixel)

Mumbai, October 23: In a shocking case of crime, a 35-year-old man allegedly stabbed his girlfriend to death and then attempted suicide with the same knife in Bhayander. According to the Times of India report, the accused Kundan Acharya works in a dairy in Bhayander East, he stabbed his girlfriend outside the dairy on Tuesday.

The couple allegedly stayed in the same locality and their respective families were against their relationship. They had an argument over their relationship on that day and in a fit of anger, Kundan pulled out the knife and stabbed his girlfriend, who immediately collapsed on the floor. Then with the same knife, he slit his throat. Both of them were rushed to the hospital. Kundan's life was saved, but his girlfriend was declared dead. Mumbai Pan Shop Owner Stabbed to Death For Letting Out Man's Relationship Secret to His Girlfriend's Father.

In another incident in September, a man allegedly stabbed a Dombivali-based pan shop owner to death, after the latter told his girlfriend's father about their relationship. The girl's father who was a very regular customer at the pan shop, after coming to know about their relationship, sent his daughter to the village so that both of them couldn't meet. This agitated Bhoir and in order to take revenge, he stabbed the vendor to death.

He committed the crime in broad daylight and no one intervened. The reason being, he had threatened everyone to stay quiet and fled from the spot after committing the crime.