Ranks in Indian Army: Post of Army Brigadier, Major General Could be Merged in Next 2 Years
Indian Army | Representational Image | (Photo Credits: PTI)

New Delhi, November 19: The Indian Army is set to undergo important structural changes, mentioned a report on news channel NDTV website. The most important of these changes are that the ranks of Brigadier and Major General could be merged, mentioned the report. The changes will reportedly take place in the next two years, subject to Defence Ministry's approval. First in History! Indian Army to Command Foreign Army Contingent During UN Peacekeeping Mission.

What this effectively means is that there will be no separate yardstick for an officer in order to be designated as Major General.

Other change will include Army Headquarters in Delhi being primarily staffed by Colonel rank officers. Also, the majority of younger officers will be posted out to enhance the strength of formations on the field. These officers include ranks of Majors and Lieutenant Colonels.

The report says that retired officers, who specialise in certain areas and operations, will be recruited under "re-employed officers."

Certain new posts will also be formed so as to deal with looming threats. The army also plans to do away with certain positions.

On the training front, the Vice Chief of the army and the Director General for Training will not be associated in the training process. The responsibility for training will fall entirely with the Army Training Command (ARTRAC).

The NDTV report also said that between 1975 and 2016, a total of 13 studies have taken place at reorganising the army. Four separates studies form the basis for these changes proposed, said the report. The four studies are named:'Reorganisation and optimisation of the Indian Army,' 'Reorganisation of Army Headquarters, 'Officer Cadre Review' and 'Terms of Engagement of Junior Commissioned Officers and Other Ranks including minimum service for pension.'