Mahagathbandhan Woes: Rahul Gandhi Wants Tactical Alliance With CPM in West Bengal, But Lambastes Communist Ideology in Kerala
CPM general secretary Sitaram Yechury and Congress president Rahul Gandhi. (Photo Credit: Twitter/ANI)

Kolkata, March 14: With the Election Commission sounding the poll bugle for the Lok Sabha, the ‘tactical alliance’ between Congress and Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPM) is likely to get a hit, as Rahul Gandhi’s open criticism on the Left front in Kerala might ruin the relationship between the two parties in West Bengal. Gandhi’s openly calling CPM a violent and a liar party – failing to provide jobs to people of Kerala – might not be taken in good books of the communists in West Bengal.

While addressing a political rally in Kozhikode on Thursday, Gandhi openly slammed CPM’s ideology and called its defunct. Accusing Pinarayi Vijayan-led Left Front government, Gandhi said, “I think it is going to take some more time for the CPM to realise that their ideology is defunct. They are grasping at straws.” Lok Sabha Elections 2019: After Arjun Singh, TMC Noapara MLA Sunil Singh to Join BJP; Congress’s Nepal Mahato to Switch Side Too. 

Adding more, he alleged that rather than providing jobs to the people of the state, the CPM government behaved in the same fashion as RSS does. He said, “I want to ask CPM where they were when Kerala was facing floods? I want to ask CPM what they did for the 10000 families affected by floods. The only thing CPM is capable of doing is acting violently. When it comes to job creating, CPM has no answer.” He also said that violence is the weapon of the weak.

Meanwhile, the mediators in West Bengal are having sleepless nights over the seat-sharing in the state between Congress and CPM. The latter had already announced two confirmed candidates from Raiganj and Murshidabad Lok Sabha seat, and Congress is yet to release its probable candidates. Previously, both the parties have secured six seats (4 Congress and 2 CPM) in 2014 Lok Sabha elections and stated this time that there would be no contest in these six seats. West Bengal Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Dates: Constituency-Wise Complete Schedule Of Voting And Results For General Elections. 

Considering the options of the Congress and CPM in West Bengal, there are high chances that CPM might look for 20 seats in the state, while leaving the rest for the alliance Congress. However, with Gandhi himself attacking the ideology of CPM in Kerala, general secretary Sitaram Yechury would have a tough time ahead to make communist leaders confident of the alliance ahead of the Lok Sabha polls.

(Opinion shared by the writer is personal)