Rahul Gandhi Hugs Narendra Modi After Finishing His Speech on No Confidence Motion in Lok Sabha & then Winks: View Video & Pics
Rahul Gandhi Hugs PM Modi

New Delhi, July 20: Congress President Rahul Gandhi after his speech on No Confidence motion at the Lok Sabha walked across the aisle, and hugged PM Narendra Modi. While Rahul went back to his seat, he was seen winking. There was a massive cheer inside the Lok Sabha after it. Rahul started his speech by recounting the Jumlas (false election promises) of the NDA government amid huge uproar by the BJP MP's and members present in the house.

Rahul during his speech said that, he is aware that people make fun of him, and call him Pappu, but thanks to BJP, he now understands the true meaning of what being a Hindu means.  He accused PM Narendra Modi of not uttering a single word on the lynching incidents that are taking place across India.

Rahul even questioned the safety of women, the job promises, and several other things as PM Modi had promised. He said, "I have spoken about the Prime Minister and that he cannot face me or stare me in my eyes." Rahul Gandhi said that the Prime Minister speaks a lot about the foreign polity and that he had hosted the Chinese PM while the Chinese army was in Indian territory. Our Sainiks (soldiers) showed courage against the Chinese Army, but PM Modi then visited China forgetting about the Doklam stand-off.  During his speech, Modi was seen smiling. 

Check the video of Rahul Gandhi Hugging PM Narendra Modi:

Taking a jibe at the Prime Minister's Chowkidaar comment, Congress President Rahul Gandhi said that the PM is not a chowkidaar but a bhaagidaar as PM Modi waived off the Rs 2.5 lakh crore loan of the top 20-25 top businessmen.

Let us know what is your reaction to Rahul Gandhi's speech in Lok Sabha

What is Your Reaction to Rahul Gandhi's Speech in Lok Sabha?