Brandan Rader is an award-winning psychological researcher who is transforming lives with his proprietary methods. He has worked with the top matchmaking, beauty, and wellness companies in the United States.

Until now, Rader’s highly coveted expertise and techniques have only been available to an exclusive clientele! After helping hundreds of clients achieve their goals through one-on-one coaching, he has made it a mission to share his life changing methods with the masses by offering personal transformation classes to the public.

The transformative classes have had meteoric success since the soft launch in the beginning of the year! Customers are over the moon about the results they are experiencing from the L-Evate™ Masterclasses. It’s a beautiful thing when you get to experience the joy of a person who is actualizing their dreams!

The transformative classes are predicated on Rader’s research on habit formation, interpersonal relationships, and aesthetics. The three powerhouse masterclasses are designed to help people with the L-Evate™ their Lifestyle, Love, and Looks. Currently, the L-Evate™ Your Love Masterclass is available to the public with the Lifestyle and Looks classes making their public debut in the coming months!

What can one expect from the L-Evate™ Masterclasses?

One customer said, “It’s not the same self-help principles you hear other programs regurgitating, it’s utterly brilliant!”

The masterclasses are distilled into four digestible modules intended to be completed in four weeks. Each module includes an instructional video and worksheet with step-by-step instructions to transform your life in 30-days or at your own pace.

Another customer stated, “The masterclass not only tells you the why but tells you how!” 

The masterclasses are predicated research-based psychological approaches that have proven success! Customers gain lifetime access to the masterclass content and a 30-minute coaching session with the transformative master himself, Brandan! 

For people looking to L-Evate™ their Lifestyle, Love, and Looks—Rader’s masterclasses are a no-brainer investment. If you’re interested in working one-on-one with Rader, you can apply to be a client. Rader says, “I invest as much in my clients as they invest in themselves, so I only work with people who are ready to invest in true transformation!”